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This is the official website of the European Association of Work and Organizational Psychology (EAWOP)

Dear members of EAWOP, dear colleagues and friends,

EAWOP is the leading organization in Europe when it comes to evidence-informed science and practice on people, work and organizations. For over 30 years, EAWOP has been connecting work and organizational psychologists across Europe to contribute to meaningful and decent work, to improve management and organizations. Please check-out our website to see the many activities that we support.

Together we create EAWOP. I would therefore like to call upon you to contribute to an even more thriving EAWOP with your membership, ideas and participation. Please use the opportunities offered by this website as well as contact me and the other EC members directly to share ideas, concerns, start initiatives and build stronger networks.

EAWOP´s newsletter - October 2023

A small group meeting (SGM) in September

On 4-6th September we were part of the EAWOP SGM Precarious Employment and Work: Understanding the underlying psychological and social processes at the University of Glasgow. The SGM was organized by Lisa Seubert (University of Innsbruck, AT), Christian Seubert (University of Innsbruck, AT), Ishbel McWha-Hermann (University of Edinburgh, UK), and Rosalind Searle (University of Glasgow, UK).

The meeting included 36 delegates from across Europe and beyond with contributions from USA and South Africa. The event included keynotes from academia - Prof. David L. Blustein (US) (The Psychology of Precarity), Prof. Eva Selenko (UK) (precarity and identity), Dr. Blake Allan (US) (A Metamodern Challenge for Precarious Work Scholars), the event included both a keynote (Dr. Joanna Wilde) and panel on policy and practice. The panel included Trade Unions from Europe - Birte Dedden (UNI Global Union/UNI Europa) and UK - David Avery (Prospect Heritage); public policy makers Chris Adams (The City of Edinburgh Council), and David Carew (ex- chief Psychologist UK Gov dept); and from Third sector - social change organisations Jack Evans (Joseph Rowntree Foundation) and Lynn Anderson (Poverty Alliance).
This event identified important research resources which can be drawn on by the EAWOP impact incubator’s Decent work area led by Dr. Ishbel McWha-Hermann. It builds on our remit to become an important knowledge exchange forum for researchers and policy makers, and other stakeholders. It includes a call for a special issue on the topic from EJWOP.

WorkLab in Valencia 2023

Next up is a WorkLab workshop in Valencia: Engaging Leadership: Cultivating Employee Strengths and Psychological Safety in Organizations.  Our speakers are Associate Professor Kimberly Breevaart and Jessica Halgren an expert practitioner who works with senior executives around the world.
We have a group of 24 international experienced practitioners registered for the WorkLab workshop and we can´t wait to tell you more about it in the next Newsletter and on LinkedIn.
EAWOP Impact Incubator (EAWOPii) - Join our team.
We are looking for two new members to join our EAWOPii team, acting as strand leaders for the impact incubator: one focusing on women and minority groups and the other focusing on young people and careers. Both roles are central to what we are doing in the EAWOPii, as they concern groups where additional attention is required to be able access and retention in the workplace.
Email us your CV with a covering letter outlining the skills and contributions you could bring to the role. Include your experiences working with other groups with individuals from different countries and career stages to achieve a collective outcome. Outline briefly what deliverables you would want to produce during your time with us.
We are particularly interested in developing our talent pipeline, so we welcome applications from people in the early stages of their career.  Deadline for applications 31st October 2023 — apply to 

Proposal for a Special Issue in EJWOP

Precarious employment and work refer to unstable, short-term, and often part-time work that does not consistently offer social and legal protections (Allan et al., 2021). Going beyond previous work focusing on single dimensions of precarious work, papers in the special issue are expected to explore precarious employment and work in a variety of different ways, including conceptualisation, measurement, and integration with other psychological concepts. Submission deadline is 30th of April.

Organizational Psychology Review (OPR)

Hello from OPR! Please consider submitting to our special issue call for papers “Paving New and Inclusive Theoretical Paths in Organizational Research on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion” (guest edited by Ivona Hideg, Oxford University and York University; Isaac Sabat, Texas A & M; Christy Zhou Koval, Michigan State University; and Kisha Jones, Florida International University). For this special issue, we invite theory papers and meta-analyses that push boundaries of traditional theorizing in organizational sciences by focusing on traditionally underrepresented and overlooked groups in research, by incorporating critical theories and frameworks that challenge dominant perspectives and hierarchies (i.e., White, masculine, western, and heteronormative), and/or by establishing new lenses to further the study of EDI in organizations. The call is open to any aspect of EDI including but not limited to race, gender, pregnancy and motherhood, disability, LGBTQ+, Indigenization and decolonization, religion, language, socio-economic status, age, and intersectionally stigmatized identities. We are seeking theoretical papers that provide insights on the experiences of traditionally underrepresented and marginalized groups at work and that provide organizational and/or individual solutions for making our workplaces and society at large more equitable, diverse, and inclusive. Full papers can be submitted until January 31, 2024.

The Identity Zone: A Place to Mingle about the IWOP Declaration of Identity

The Alliance for Organizational Psychology hosted a wonderful panel of professionals of Industrial, Work, and Organizational Psychology (IWOP), including Annemarie Hiemstra, Vicente Martinez-Tur, Alex Haslam, and Rich Griffith, at the EAWOP 2023 congress in Katowice, Poland. Barbara Kozusznik and Sharon Glazer moderated the panel discussion on the value and importance of stating and promoting IWOP professionals’ identity vis a vis the IWOP Declaration of Identity (Declaration). The Declaration was developed with the help of around 100 voices throughout scientific conferences and organized international meetings since 2013. It presents fundamental positions, beliefs, and values. We invite you to read more about the Declaration here:  and invite you to share your feedback with us: Barbara Kozusznik:  and Sharon Glazer:


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